onsdag 27 november 2013

Snart så.....kanske....eventuellt....dyker alla försvunna bilder upp!

Nu börjar den nog kanske närma sig, stunden när alla försvunna bilderna ur fotoalbumet eventuellt dyker upp igen.
Här är senaste nytt från företaget Fotki som jag för övrigt betalar pengar till för att de ska hålla mina fotoalbum tillgängliga, de sköter sig väl sisådär kan man tycka :-(

Latest update on move to a new data center
Hello Fotki Users, As many of you know we have opened our data center in Tallinn, Estonia.
We have moved 80% of our equipment to the data center already.The new data center is working great!
We have full control there and can do more things than we could do in our previous data center.
As you may remember, the main reason for the move of our servers was safety of your photos and videos. Unfortunately New York is not the safest place in the world for keeping your memories. Every year storms and hurricanes are hitting the New York area with disastrous outcomes. Estonia, on the other hand, has been named the safest places in the world according to EM-DAT. Our office has been located in Estonia for the last 8 years.
So now the time has come to move the rest of our equipment (about 20%) to our new data center.
This means that about 20% of your photos will not be accessible for the next month or so.
Please do not worry, we will do our best to keep your photos and videos as safe as possible.
But any time data is moved there could be force majeure case which could affect your photos.
We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and support.
We will keep you updated about the progress of the move.

Update for October 12: All New York hosted servers are taken out and securely stored. As we warned, some photos and videos from your albums will be offline, while we migrate our servers to a new data center. We scheduled a container delivery on October 15th, and we plan to package, prepare and load servers to container for a long trip to Tallinn, Estonia.

Update for October 17: All servers were loaded to a shipping container, and were shipped to port where it will be loaded to the ship.

Update for October 21: Shipping container left NY, and is scheduled to arrive in Tallinn, Estonia on November 15.

Update for November 15: Container has arrived on time to Hamburg, Germany and delivery date was changed to November 24th.

Update for November 22: Container has arrived to Tallinn, Estonia and we are working with shipping company on getting it within the next 4 days.

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