tisdag 12 november 2013

Fortfarande så saknas bilder i fotoalbumet..

Inlägget här nedan är nu lite drygt en månad gammalt och de försvunna bilderna är fortfarande borta!
Nu är det kaos i mina fotoalbum på www.fuzzydice.se igen.
Massor med bilder saknas och hela album är försvunna.
Fotki.com heter de som jag betalar för att de ska ha hand om mina bilder och de håller visst än en gång på med något sorts underhåll.

Det är bara att hålla tummarna för att Fotki.com ska fixa till det så att de försvunna bilderna kommer tillbaka igen efter underhållet.

Här nedan är infon om flytten till ett nytt datacenter som www.fotki.com delat med sig av.

Latest update on move to a new data center

Hello Fotki Users, As many of you know we have opened our data center in Tallinn, Estonia.
We have moved 80% of our equipment to the data center already.
The new data center is working great!
We have full control there and can do more things than we could do in our previous data center.

So now the time has come to move the rest of our equipment (about 20%) to our new data center.This means that about 20% of your photos will not be accessible for the next month or so.

Please do not worry, we will do our best to keep your photos and videos as safe as possible.
But any time data is moved there could be force majeure case which could affect your photos.
This is why we have always encouraged you to keep your photos backed up. It is always a good idea to keep a backup of your important data. You could use external hard drives, cd’s dvd’s or even several online cloud providers. This move will be much faster and efficient than the last one. We have prepared our data center for all the incoming equipment. As soon as the equipment arrives we will be able to plug it in and get it up and working with minimal time loss. If there are important photos which you will need during this short transition (for your personal projects or for business needs) please let us know, and we will try our best to move your files over the internet to our new data center. We have hundreds of terabytes of data in NY so it is not feasible to move all the data over the internet. It could take over a year and would be very costly. We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and support. We will keep you updated about the progress of the move.

Dmitri Don, Fotki Founder

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