fredag 6 december 2013

I am Rockabilly, trailer.

For a lot of young and old Swedes, golden 50s and 60s with shiny American hot rods, rock'n'roll and pinup style is the stuff that the dreams are made of.
Backyards of Raggares are full of classic cars like Pontiacs, Mustangs and Chevys, pompadour haircuts and dotted pinup skirts are used confidently in everyday life.
Every year these classics are brought out to the "biggest and baddest classic car show in the world" - Power Big Meet in Västeras, where everybody likes to boast with the fact that there are more American 50s and 60s cars registered in Sweden than in the USA itself.

"I am Rockabilly" follows a rockabilly girl Carina and her family on their way to the Power Big Meet to get a glimpse to the Swedish Raggare world.

Film by Liisi Mölder.


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